R37 Release Webinar Recording Available - June 7, 2021

Thanks to those that were able to join us today for an overview of the R37 release enhancements! If you or a colleague weren't able to attend today's webinar, and would like to watch a recording, it is linked  below. 

Several of the performance optimizations done in R37 were explained in the webinar. Below are a few examples of the type of results you might see with an upgrade to R37: 

To see a demonstration of the new Edit mode in the Configurable Graph view, consider signing up to attend our online annual Summer Conference. 

Best regards, 

Stacey Hwasser

Technical Support


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Disclaimer: The above results are the result of testing conducted by Systemite with the intention of providing customers with information on what performance they can expect. Systemite made the best effort to conduct an unbiased test. Performance depends on many parameters, such as computer hardware and network configuration. Systemite does not provide any guarantee that the exact same values will be achieved with other configurations and recommends that Clients complete their own internal testing to get valid results for their own configuration.

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