How to use this forum - PLEASE READ

1. Login

Log in to your Support Portal account to create a new topic.



Contact for a user account.


2. Choose an Appropriate Forum Section

Browse through the forum discussions and choose the most appropriate one.


3. Choose the Correct Language

All topics should be written in English.


4. Do Some Research Before Posting

Prior to posting a new topic for a particular problem, search the Forums to confirm a solution hasn't already been posted. 



5. Start a New Topic

To create a new topic, click on the Start a new topic button.



6. Use a Meaningful Subject Line

Try to summarize your problem with a helpful and informative subject line. Helpful subjects draw in people who might know the answer.

7. Insert Images When Helpful

If you have any images that are needed for the post, either use “Include image…” or just paste the image into the message.


8. Add Attachments if Helpful

If you want to include more information or you have multiple files, attach these to the post.



9. Embed Code as Code Snippets

If you are posting code, e.g., XML, C# etc. embed these as code snippets.



10. Write in Proper Sentences

This is a forum you are using, not a mobile phone. As a courtesy to the people you are hoping can assist you, write in complete sentences. That is:

  • Start with a capital letter.
  • Spell words properly.
  • Finish with a period (full-stop)


11. Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Post

Mention which version of SystemWeaver you are running (can be found under Welcome > About).


  • Describe your problem in detail. Describe the meta-model/model that you use.
  • If you get an error, post the error (copy and paste). Not just "I got an error".
  • If possible, post a "minimal" example that demonstrates the problem.
  • If posting code/settings/xml, use copy and paste. Don't retype "from memory" on your mobile phone, in the train.
  • If possible, describe what you are really trying to do, not what you think might work. For example, "I am trying to export RIF for a requirement model", not "how do I embed attributes into a configurable XML?".
  • Try to narrow down the problem. Don't confuse us and yourself by trying to do everything at once. For example, if you are having problems outputting an attribute value, make up a simple test case, that tests exactly that.


12. Be Polite

You will find that if you respond in a friendly way, people will stick with you and you will almost certainly get your problem solved. Personal insults are not acceptable. Stick to the topic.


13. Once you Have a Response ...

You will probably quickly get some helpful suggestions. Read them carefully.

  • If a reply mentions something you don't understand (eg. "path language"), try to find out for yourself what that means by using the search function.
  • If you don't understand part of a reply, say so. Say which part. Don't just ignore it.
  • Apply suggested fixes, even if they don't seem relevant to you. Seemingly insignificant changes might actually solve your problem.
  • Look for hints about what is wanted. For example: "what code?" means: "Please post your code."
  • If you make changes, and things still don't work, post the changes as appropriate (in a new reply).
  • Once you have solved your problem, do not delete the thread! The forum is supposed to be a knowledge-base. Deleting a thread once you are happy does not help future people with similar problems.
  • If you consider the issue solved, please mark the post as “Answer”. That helps people know the issue is resolved. Also, please post the solution, whether you worked it out yourself, or if someone else helped you. Thanks!



14. Don’t Post Company-sensitive Information

Don’t post examples that contain information that might be sensitive to your organization. Instead, create a basic example that can be used to replicate the problem.

Note: If you would like to edit or delete a post that you created, contact and they can make the change for you.