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How to use '(' in path expressions

 This path expression fails:

ERROR: Error parsing expression: 

/2AB123(/2IT234 union /2IT435 union /2IT432 union /2IT2255)

Compile error: Pos(1:8) 

Syntax Error(-44): "(" found

--> Parsing prematurely halted due to unsolveable error at (1:8)

while this works

?> (/ 2IT234 union / 2IT435 union / 2IT432 union / 2IT2255)

{Tailgate driver SWC, Foot movement detection SWC, POT, POT Unit, FMDM}

How do I express the former in an efficient way that works? 


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There are several ways to accomplish the above using the Basic Operators.

Using OR between the SIDS. The operator for OR is "|" 

(recommended to resolve the above parsing error)

Using "*" which is an operator for zero or many

Using ":=" which is the operator for Assignment

Using "/"

Hope that answers your question.

SystemWeaver Support

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