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Find counter loses count when doing new version and replace on other elements

I have noticed that the find counter is losing count when doing new version and replace on an element above the item that was included in the search/find result.

In the attachment I have some screenshots and the description of the problem.

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Hi Patricija, 

Thanks for your question. I understand your case, and understand the confusion. 

Once you get the results of the Find operation, that operation is completed. When you then take out a new version on element after your search is completed, you change the data. If one of your results was in the tree node that changes as a result of the new version, that result will disappear since it is no longer in the new tree node. To include the new tree node in your search, you need to perform the Find operation again.

Your use case is one example where being able to take out new versions recursively upwards in a node structure would simplify your work. Although generally speaking it is difficult, if not impossible, to implement complete support for this, we may consider implementing some limited support if it is possible. We will keep you informed if any development work is done.

Best regards, 

SystemWeaver Support

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