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Order of Part types in Architect

The list of Part types for an Item in the Architect is a bit difficult to understand. As far as I understand, the "#" column specifies the order in which the parts are displayed. However, the numbers in the column live their own life. 

- Sometimes I am not allowed to change the number.

- Sometimes I can change.

- Sometimes I can change a number, but when clicking another Item and then going back to the first Item, the numbers are completely different from what I entered (and not as it was from the beginning either)

If there are rules for these numbers, it would be good to get a message with the reason for not being allowed to update.

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Hi Johan!

You are correct. The numbers in the "#" column specifies the order of appearence for the part types in the swExplorer. To change the order you need to have the architect role, apart from that there are no specific rules that apply.

If you think you have found a bug, please submit a ticket with a description of how to reproduce the behavior and the version of SystemWeaver that you are using.

Best regards,


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