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My .wmf images are not printing properly in documents

I have a .wmf image in an item description that looks fine when I do a print preview but when I use the Export to PDF button, some of the text in the image appears to have shifted and is cut-off.  

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There are a number of "commands" in a .wmf file that the Export to PDF tool cannot interpret correctly. After the pdf printer has "executed" a .wmf picture, the resulting output is not as expected due to this nature of the .wmf file.

We can recommend two solutions for generating a pdf when a .wmf is causing issues:

  1.  Use the print option to Print To PDF in Microsoft Windows instead of the Export to PDF button:


  2. Replace the .wmf image with a .png or .jpg version of it and use the new image in the item description. You can then use the Export to PDF tool and the image will print as expected. 

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