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Batch-editing attributes using the Attributes view

Many of the views in SystemWeaver support multi-select operations. This means that you can select many items, e.g., in the structure tree, and then make the same change to all the selected items. One of these views is the Attributes view.

When you select multiple items, the view will display any common attributes and any common values in them for the selected items and highlight, in yellow, any attributes where the values are not identical.


In the above example, the 10 selected items in the tree all have the 5 attributes displayed - 3 default and 2 additional. The values for "CAN Format" and "Length (bytes)" attributes are the same for all 10 items. However, for "CAN ID" and "Comment", the values differ so the view cannot render them. 

If you change any attribute value, the new value will be assigned to all the selected items. To change a value, simply use the editor provided, e.g., text box, drop-down list, etc. The yellow highlighting will disappear to indicate that all selected items now share the same attribute value.

Attribute types that do not support batch update will appear gray (such as the XML "ValueSpec" attribute in the above example).

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