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Requirements don't show up on test views (Requirements and Coverage view)

Requirements and Coverage views are hard-code views, meaning that they required some preconditions to work appropriately. One of the preconditions is to have a Structure tree view with the name "Test Requirements" for test specification item types, i.e., ECU, LC, Requirement container.

The following shows an example of how to fix this issue:

Prerequisite: SWArchitect role

  1. Open the Test specification item in a new tab.


  2. In the Edit menu located at the structure tree title row, which gives you the option to modify or create new view settings, select "Save active settings to new view".
  3. Enter the name "Test Requirements".


  4. Reload the Requirement view and the problem will be solved, for both  Requirements and Coverage view


  5. Repeat the previous steps for the other item types that you want to use as a test specification items, i.e., LC, Requirement container.

Read more on the help, by searching for "Configure tree view settings".


BR Bashar

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