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Dynamic columns in tables and grids

Create columns Dynamically

  • In Tables and Grids it is possible to create Columns dynamically based on the data in SystemWeaver. 
  • To describe how this works we have set up a simplified scenario 
  • Consider the following: I want to see what functionality that is planned for which milestone

Example Meta model


This is the result we want


This is the definition


The report in plaintext


    <ItemNameColumn caption="Function" width="200"/>
    <!--Columns can be defined based on data in the models. This is performed just like normal data collection.-->    
    <ForEachPart type="MILS">
            <!--For every Milestone, create a column. Set the property objectName to its name to be able to reference it later.-->
            <!--If we get a hit, "X" will be written in that column.-->            
            <TextColumn caption="#{Name}" objectName="#{Name}" width="200">X</TextColumn>
  <!--Create a context for the scenario-->
  <Context name="milestonePlanning">
    <AddParts owner="main" sid="PTUR" part="functionRequirementsPart" defobj="functionRequirements"/>
    <AddParts owner="functionRequirements" sid="IURQ" part="functionPart" defobj="function"/>
    <AddParts owner="main" sid="MILS" part="milestonePart" defobj="milestone"/>        
    <AddParts owner="milestone" sid="EFUN" part="plannedFunctionalityPart" defobj="function"/>
  <ForEachInContext name="milestonePlanning" group="function">  
    <!--For every found function, print a row.-->   
        <ContextGoBack part="plannedFunctionalityPart">
        <!--If it is planned for a milestone. Set a RowObject with the Milestone's name to get an "X" in the Milestone column.-->      
            <RowObject name="#{Name}"/>


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