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Copy an item with its context

Have you ever received a link to a SystemWeaver item from a colleague in an email or chat, and wished that they would have sent you the context of that item as well? 

Link without context:  url:swap://sys7:1345/x04000000000B7BD4

It's possible! Ask them to use the Copy item with context option.

Link with context:  url:swap://sys7:1345/x04000000000B7BD4?context=x04000000000B60E3

When you then click on the link as shown below, you will be redirected to the item in the given context, in this example, the "SystemWeaver Automotive Demonstration" structure (assuming you have registered the swExplorerLauncher application on your computer).

If the swExplorerLauncher is not registered, you can still use the URL to open the item in context by copying it, and using the Open item with ID option: 

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