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Finding duplicate interfaces on a component

This is an example of how you can use the Script Language to find out if there are interfaces on a component that are defined more than once. E.g. if there are multiple ReceivePorts/SendPorts with the same Sender Receiver Interface.

Example Meta model:


 The below report is designed to be run on an Application Component. For simplicity, it only looks at the ReceivePorts and identifies duplicates:

  <!-- Save all interfaces to variable. By using /part::ARRP.Select(DefObj) instead of /ARRP ... -->
  <!-- ... we get a list that can contain multiple occurences of items. -->  
  <Variable name="allReceivingInterfaces" select="/part::ARRP.Select(DefObj)" as="Items"/>  
  <ForEach select="/ARRP">
    <!-- Save the current interfaces to variable. -->
    <Variable name="currentInterface" select="." as="Item"/>
    <!-- If the AncestorHandle can be found more than once  -->          
    <If test="$allReceivingInterfaces[$currentInterface.AncestorHandle = AncestorHandle].Count >1">
      <Text>Duplicate #{Name}, version:  #{Version}, Handle: #{Handle}</Text>


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