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Find circular references


Users often create circular references and are not aware of it. To find circular references in a structure, use the following grid. It is a general solution which lists all circular references to a predefined level in a structure. The reason to control the level (recursion) is to avoid exceeding the limit on nested calls. The grid uses:
  • ForEachPartGroup, which is used to iterate over all part groups.
  • Template with Parameters, which always to pass parameter value to a next iteration.

XML Code
<ItemNameColumn width="200" objectName="CircularReferences"/>  
<ItemTypeColumn width="100" objectName="CircularReferences"/>  
<TextColumn caption="Path to Circular References" objectName="Depth" width="350" multiValueStyle="Bullets">
<Value>#{Name} (#{Type.Name})</Value>

    <!-- To control the number of recursion calls-->
<Variable name="PartGroupDepth" as="Integer" select="10"/>
<ApplyTemplate name="PartGroup">
<WithParam name="p1" select="$PartGroupDepth"/>
<WithParam name="p2" select="[]"/> 

<Template name="PartGroup">
<Parameter name="p1" as="Integer"/> 
<Parameter name="p2" as="[Item]"/>  
<Variable name="PreviousItems" as="Items" select="$p2"/>
<If test="$p1 != 0">  
<Variable name="CurrentItem" as="Items" select="."/>
<Variable name="Accumulated" as="Items" select="$CurrentItem union $PreviousItems"/>

<When test="not $CurrentItem in $PreviousItems">       
<ApplyTemplate name="PartGroup">  
<WithParam name="p1" select="$p1 - 1"/>
<WithParam name="p2" select="$Accumulated"/>  
<RowObject name="CircularReferences"> 
<ForEach select="$PreviousItems">
<RowObject name="Depth"/> 





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Have tested the scriipt on some documents. The script is doing a great job!

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