This article describes how to check if a journal file (.journal) belongs to a specific database.


  • Server and database compatible version of swDatabaseManager.exe tool
  • Note that the SystemWeaver server does not have to be stopped to complete the check
  1. Open the swDatabaseManager.
  2. Select the database Type and Select database.
  3. On the Mirroring tab, click Check against db to confirm that the journal file belongs to the selected database, i.e., their GUIDs match. The log to the right will indicate if the journal file belongs to the database.

If the journal file does not belong to the database, you will receive a "Database transaction does not exist in journal" error message. If you cannot find the journal file that belongs to the database, you will need to remove journaling and create a new journal file. If you are running mirror servers, their caches may now be invalid and they need to be recreated.