SystemWeaver is based on a number of advanced technical solutions, integrated and optimized for over 20 years. By constantly developing, using and optimizing these solutions for the intended application - the management of product data for complex systems - Systemite can offer a product with a unique level of performance and scaleability.

As with any large modelling system, there are a number of factors that may affect performance. Below are a few guidelines we recommend that IT Administrators follow to ensure system performance is at its best.

Sufficient Memory on Server Machine

SystemWeaver uses a so-called in-memory database. ( Basically, an in-memory database is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage. It is contrasted with database management systems that employ a disk storage mechanism. In-memory databases are faster than disk-optimized databases because disk access is slower than memory access, the internal optimization algorithms are simpler and execute fewer CPU instructions. Accessing data in-memory eliminates seek time when querying the data, which provides faster and more predictable performance than disk. If there is not enough RAM to host the database, it will be partially swapped to disk which will rapidly deteriorate performance. Monitor memory usage (for example in the server log) and make sure enough RAM headroom exists to avoid hitting the RAM capacity during the planned operation period. Read about our server hardware requirements

Latency Between Server and Clients

When a SystemWeaver Client is located geographically far away from a SystemWeaver Server, there will be inherent network latency which may affect performance. Latency should be studied during implementation and be as low as possible. The use of a mirror server(s) could be considered.

SQLite Database

Although SystemWeaver supports the use of MS SQL, Oracle and MS Access database types, we highly recommends using SQLite because of its performance advantages.

No latency as the SQLite file is stored on the SystemWeaver server.

+ Fastest start-up time.

+ No costs for additional hardware. The file is stored on the same machine as the server.

+ Runtime backup option provided.

-  Potential issues with backing up frequently throughout the business day

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution (with Proper Settings)

VDI solutions, such as Citrix, can be used to access the system, but ensure that there is enough RAM memory and CPU power to run multiple client sessions.

What's Next? 

Ensure your user population are aware of the following guidelines.