Software Requirements

The SystemWeaver server runs on all versions of Windows, both desktop and server OS without restrictions. With that being said, we recommend the following Windows editions:

- Windows 10, Professional or Enterprise

- Windows Server 2012 R2 or 20116

We only support 64bit versions of the server. The 32bit version has been discontinued.

Hardware Requirements

With the exception of RAM memory, the requirements for a SystemWeaver server is very lean, easily satisfied by any modern hardware. 

Installation Disk Size

The actual software needs 100MB of disk space.

Data Disk Size

This depends entirely on your use case. How much data will you be working with and storing in the system? We have installations from 100MB up to 10s of GB. In addition to the actual memory for storing the database, you should make sure that you have the means to backup the database somewhere.


With regards to memory, this is where a SystemWeaver Server needs something. It has in-memory database technology and you should make sure that the memory allocated to the server is at least 3 times the size of the database. I.e. if the database is 10GB, you need 30GB RAM for the server to function (for average sized databases).


The SystemWeaver server can run on any CPU, but needs at least 2 cores to function well. Four is recommended. More than 4 is mostly a waste.

What is important for maximal performance is single core performance. So if optimizing, go for CPUs with high single core performance rather than CPUs with many cores.

File Repository Disk Space

If you want to use the file repository feature, i.e., the ability to add attachments to items and issues, you'll need disk space for this. The attachments are not stored in the main database but rather in a separate, single sqlite database (not recommended) or in a dedicated file structure (recommended). Regardless of which option is selected, the repository must reside on local disk on the same server machine that is running the SystemWeaver server executable. The size needed depends entirely on how many and how large of files your users will put into the system. This can be everything from 10MB to terabytes. If you predict that this will be an often-used feature, we recommend that you put this on a partition were you can increase as the needs of the users increase.