First, thank you for reporting bugs! Identifying, reproducing, and documenting bugs is not always fun or easy, but it’s an important part of making excellent software. It can also be rewarding, as you’ll have a direct influence on the applications. We really, honestly appreciate your help. 

No matter what the bug is, we will always want to know the same information:

  • What did you try to do and where, e.g., which view, which item?
  • What steps did you take to do that? Be as specific as possible.
  • What did you expect to happen?
  • What happened instead?
  • Which version of SystemWeaver are you using?

Attach supporting information that you think might be helpful. Some examples:

  • Complete error message (click on Details button if there is one to copy the entire stack list error).

  • Log file (for server-level errors)
  • Screenshot or screenshot recording