If many users report slowness in logging in to, or working in, the server, begin troubleshooting with these steps: 

  1. Open the Task Manager. Is the swDBServer still alive, i.e., is the memory usage still moving?:
  2. If it is, check the TcpSubServer log file for long calls in process

If you are unable to identify the root cause of the slowness, SystemWeaver is happy to assist with troubleshooting. Just provide the following to us at support@systemweaver.com: 

  • At what time/day did the reports of slowness start? 
  • What operation was the user doing when the slowness started? 
  • How long does the operation normally take, and how long is it taking now? 
  • Are logged-in users affected by the slowness, or are only users who are trying to log in affected? 
  • Are users working from home (via VPN), or in the office?
  • What is their latency? (Verifying Latency Between Client and Server)

In addition, send us copies of the following log files covering, at a minimum, the entire day in question:

  • swServer.log
  • TcpSubServer.log
  • Dlq file

Also include any supporting information that you think might be helpful, screenshots, screen recordings, etc. 

Note: If only one user is reporting slowness and others are not, the operation being done is not affecting other users.