Whether you have just created a new project or are administering an existing one, you may want to create Roles in the project so that you can use them in Workflow configuration. When you create a user role, you are creating it for the selected project only. The use of roles in projects is optional. This article describes how to administer project user roles.


  • You must have "Change" access rights to the CMS project OR the Administrator role in the server.  

Project roles are administered under the Project menu in the Roles view. The view lists all roles defined in the project and their members. In the below example, there are 2 roles. The "Testers" role is selected so its members are viewable to the right. 

Creating a Role

  1. To create a role, click Add role...
  2. Enter a SID and Name for the new role and click OK. The role will appear in the Roles list. 

Tip: You can change the Name of a role at any time, but you cannot change the SID.

Adding Users to a Role

  1. To add users to an existing role, select the role in the Roles list and click Add User....
  2. In the Select User(s) dialog, select the user(s) you want to add to the role and click OK. The users will appear in the Members list to the right.

Missing users in the Select User(s) dialog? Only users who have been given individual access to the project and whose account is active can be added to a project role. If you are not finding a user in the pick list, it is either because their user account is inactive or they have not been given access to the project. To determine if their account is disabled, you can check the Include inactive users box at the bottom of the dialog to see if they then appear in the list. If so, their account needs to be activated before you can add them to the role.

Removing Users from a Role

  1. To remove users from a project role, first select the role in the Roles list. 
  2. Then, find their name in the Members list to the right. 
  3. Select the entry and click Remove User. The user is no longer a member of the role. 

Deleting a Role

  1. If you want to delete an existing role, select the role in the Roles list and click Remove role.

Things to Remember

CMS project Roles are not to be confused with Roles assigned using the swAdmin2 tool which are used with items

They are independent of each other.