This article describes highlights of the first release of the SystemWeaver Functional Safety solution. It is compatible with the Olskroken (R43) release of SystemWeaver. Want to find out more? Contact us!

Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessment (HARA)

The functional safety module provide graphical and grid views to perform a HARA. Item definition, malfunctions, hazards, hazardous events and safety goals are some of the item types that are included in the HARA. There is also the possibility to describe driving and environmental situations in a systematic ways.

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)

The functional safety module includes an FMEA solution as well. The user can specify FMEA intent, fauliure mode, effects, cause, preventions and detections. The tool helps setting proper attributes and automatically calculate attributes such as RPN. The tool enables the user to set recommended actions to reduce the risks as well.

Fault Tree (FTA)

The functional safety module in SystemWeaver provides the possibility of performing fault trees. It also enables connecting fault events to mitigating requirements and also to connect fault events to the component/system where they originate.

Goal Structured Notation (GSN)

The functional safety module includes a GSN solution for specifying GSN safety cases. The user is able to define goal, strategies, conectext and other argumentation items. The user can also connect the GSN to actual evidences that exists in the database, such as a HARA or test cases.

In addition, the solution includes guide word analysis & catalog, situation analysis & catalog and more.