This article describes new features, improvements and fixes included in this release of SystemWeaver. When upgrading, we recommend that all client and server applications be upgraded as some bug fixes and/or enhancements require this. 


These release notes are also available as a MS Word document, as well as a SystemWeaver XML file. Both are attached below.

We've got news! Until now, our SystemWeaver releases have just been called R and a serial number, e.g. R40. Starting with release # 41, we are adding a release name! The names will represent districts in Göteborg, our hometown. We start with Gårda [oː], an industrial district in the eastern part of central Göteborg, where our headquarter is located. Thus, our first named release is Gårda.

Note: Special attention should be given to the items highlighted in yellow as they will require additional planning/steps for your organization pre and/or post-upgrade if the view/tool affected is being used in your installation.


Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
swAdmin2: Maintain sort and previous selectionThe swAdmin client now maintains its focus in the Users list when user accounts are sorted, and when an Edit user view is closed.

API/Rest API/Extensions API Users

Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
API: Minor version update from 1.53.1 to 1.53.2The SystemWeaver API has been upgraded from version 1.53.1 to version 1.53.2. Although a minor version upgrade does not technically require that all users receive and utilize the new version of the client applications with the new server, we do recommend it, and it would be needed to obtain the client enhancements and bug fixes listed in the release notes. If you reference them with the specific version flag set to true for inhouse development, you must recompile.Improvement16637
Extensions: ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit no longer delivered

SystemWeaver will no longer deliver the ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.dll (v which up until now has been included in all SystemWeaver Client deliveries. If you have used this dll provided by SystemWeaver in any inhouse built extension views, you will need to include this file yourself in swExplorerExtensions. 

Note that if your extension view uses a version earlier than, your extension should be placed in a subdirectory as illustrated below: 


REST API: Upgrade to .NET 6The SystemWeaver Rest API has been upgraded to .NET 6. The server machine must have .NET 6 or later installed to run the Rest API. This is a breaking change if the machine is running an older version.Improvement16469


Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
Configurable graph: Enable legend for PortStyleIt is now possible to include port styles in the Configurable Graph Legend.


  <PortStyle name="Event" borderColor="#d96f4a" legend="Port 
with event" legendLabel="p1"/>

  <PortStyle name="Port" borderThickness="1" 


Note: Add Note Description to Grid and Report using DescriptionColumnIt is now possible to add Note Description (text) to Grid and Report using <DescriptionColumn>. It works for both Item and Issue Notes.

Item Notes:






  <DescriptionColumn width="auto" caption="Item Note" rowObject="itemNote"/>


 <ForEachNote type="NND">

  <RowObject name="itemNote">





Issue Notes:






  <DescriptionColumn width="auto" caption="Issue Note" rowObject="issueNote"/>


 <ForEachIssueInObj type="IR">

      <ForEachNote type="NISS">

        <RowObject name="issueNote">





Script language: Performance analysis elements

Two new scripting elements have been added as tools for performance analysis. 

There is a new, optional parameter for <Variable> called logTime. It writes the time it took to calculate the parameter value to the log (Ctrl+Shft+L, 'Info').


<Variable name="currentTARA" select="." as="Item" 


A new Prepare tag prepares the local client cache with items starting at a given start item and following the given part types, much like how the structure tree works. This will load the cache with as few calls to the server as possible.

To determine, if using the Prepare tag with your script is beneficial, i.e., provides performance gains, we recommend reviewing log times and/or other means with and without the statement, to verify that you actually get performance gains. If the data is already in the cache, it should not take a long time to execute, at most 10-100ms. 

For details, see the application Help.

Disclaimer: The Prepare statement always forces a call to the server, so it can potentially have a negative effect on performance, similar to when using Axis: back. Due to this, it is advised that <Prepare> not be used unless you are an expert in SystemWeaver Script Language.



 <Prepare start="." partTypes="ARSC;ARPP;ARRP" logCaption=My test log"/>






XML Import: Ignore changes when matched with prefix

In the case of roundtrip imports, i.e., Items included in the import file have their origin in the receiving database,  there is now an option called Ignore changes to returning items. 

If this option is selected, the comparision between the imported file and existing data in the database will end at the DefObj linking to the Item. All differencies between import file and existing data will be ignored for the Items that have the receiving database's prefix in the xID. The only thing that matters is that the ItemType in the import file must be recognizable.

XML Import: Item type included in comparisonThe Item type of the Items will now be compared between the incoming file and the existing Items in the database for (repetitive) imports. If there is a mismatch of ItemType, there will be a new version created in the receiving end, even if there are no other differencies (Changes) in an Item. If an Item is released, there will be a forced new version where the Item type will be updated, and nothing else.Improvement16462

IT Administrators 

Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
Home page: Updated embedded web pageThe web browser embedded in the Home page has been updated. Links contained in the Home page will now open in the user's default browser app.
Improvement16509, 15323
Jira: Support for Jira CloudThe Jira integration is now available for use with Jira Cloud. A SystemWeaver button displays in Jira Cloud as shown below.

If switching your installation from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, add the OverrideScreenSecurity="False" attribute to the existing <Jira> tag in your Jira extension view configuration in SystemWeaver.



        <Jira OverrideScreenSecurity="False">



            <MainProject>ESP</MainProject>         <CustomField>customfield_10200</CustomField>

            <Relationship Floating="True/False" />


                <EpicTypeId>10001</EpicTypeId>             <CustomField>customfield_10004</CustomField>

                <EpicName>Epic issue</EpicName>







Note that there are no changes to the SWExtension.Jira2.dll extension view file for the swExplorer client. The file can be used with either Jira Server and Jira Cloud type of installation. 

REST API: Updgrade to .NET 6The SystemWeaver Rest API has been upgraded to .NET 6. The server machine must have .NET 6 or later installed to run the Rest API. This is a breaking change if the machine is running an older version.Improvement16469
Server: Updated memory managerThere is a new, optional version of the swDBServer called swDBServerScale. This version is better at handling simultaneous read requests, almost complete parallelization, but at the cost of requiring more memory. Twice as much memory. This is to be considered an alternative to swDBServer if it has been shown in .dlq logs that read performance is a bottleneck. The long-term plan is continued improvement of the swDBServer, but for now swDBServerScale may be considered an alternative.New16639
ServerMonitorService: Change name of Nlog fileThe configuration file for the swServerMonitorService logging has been renamed from NLog.config to  swServerMonitorService.exe.nlog.Improvement16427


Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
Configurable graph: Bus-labels are shown twiceThis fixes an issue where bus labels were sometimes shown twice.Bug fix16600
Configurable graph: Improved performance manual layoutThe performance of manual layout in very large graphs (with many ports) has been improved.
Configurable graph: Improvements to layout

The graph will now use the currently displayed layout as a reference point rather than any saved layout when data is modified using the graph right-click menus, or upon a Refresh that results in new/modified data in the graph. Note that some further manual adjustments may be needed to make room for newly added data, e.g., grandchildren. Alternatively, Relayout can be used. 

In addition, incremental layout will be used when the graph is not manually editable. 

Configurable graph: Manual layout and edge label issueThis fixes an issue where edge labels were not correctly positioned when moving a node in manual layout mode.Bug fix16440
Coverage item>item: support for multi select mapping on left side

It is now possible to multi-select on the left-hand side and manage mapping.

If one or more of the selected items on the left-hand side are "Released", the Map button will not be available. This means that if any one of them is "Released", the mapping operation will not be possible for any of the selected items.

If multiple items are selected on one side, and there is a version mismatch, the Fix sec. version operation will only be completed if all the selected items, on both the left-hand and right-hand sides, have the same type of issue. Otherwise, the button will be disabled.

Coverage mapping item: support for multi select on left sideThe Coverage mapping item view now supports multi-select of items on both the left and right-hand sides, whereas previously, there was no support on the left-hand side.


DPI: Improved scaling for 4K monitors

This release includes improvements to the scaling of some elements in the swExplorer client on 4K monitors when using 250% display scaling. 

  • Open Issues in Overview
  • Versions view 
  • Sandbox editor
  • New issue attribute labels

Further improvements are planned for later releases.

Find: Selecting large set of search results in client closingThe selection of a very large set of search results from a Find operation in the structure tree is now optimized, whereas previously, the client ran out of memory.
Bug fix16401
Home page: Unable to load Sharepoint

This fixes an issue with the loading of Sharepoint to the embedded Home page in SystemWeaver.

Bug fix16490
Icons: New SystemWeaver icons

The new client theme includes new icons for the standard views and ribbon options, as well as for the main SystemWeaver executables. 


New View icons:


New Application (exe) icons:


Issues view: Loading optimizedThe loading of issue views that display issues with references to items has been optimized.Improvement16551
Server: Further optimization of general searchingThe server has been further optimized for the most common use cases, with respect to serving simultaneous read requests from many users.Improvement16636
Server: Initial scheduler implementationThe server has been optimized to distribute high workloads so as to reduce the effect of, e.g., one heavy application on client users.Improvement16441
Server: Multiple CallServerConnection is avoided errorThis is an error scenario when trying to use short-cuts, or swapping between two uncached tabs before loading completes which is now resolved.Bug fix16378, 16556
swExplorer: 64-bit client crashes for some usersThis fixes a problem where some users could not use the 64-bit client.Bug fix16689
swExplorer: Change to Latency indicatorThe latency indicator at the bottom right of the swExplorer client has been renamed to Ping. It now displays a more accurate latency between the client application and the SystemWeaver server application and back. As before, this indicator can help diagnose potential internet connectivity issues. When logging in to a server located on the same computer as the client, the Ping will now show 0 ms. Typical latencies are approx. 10 ms for LAN access, and 100 ms for cross continent or global distances.

swExplorer: Unable to find vertical pane splitter

This fixes a problem when swExplorer is used over more that one screen, and the tree vertical separator is moved to the second screen, resulting in losing the separator when moving back to using only one screen.   

Bug fix16675
Test Case Manager: Create Test Case throws Assertion failure

This fixes a problem where creating a Test Case when right-clicking in "In Test Case" column threw an error.

In addition, we have fixed a problem with multi-select of items when using either of the Add options in the right-click menu, as well as fixed a problem with deletion of results when navigating between different contexts.

Bug fix16497
Theme: New look for swExplorer and swArchitectThe theme of the swExplorer and swArchitect client user interfaces (GUI) has been updated to fit our new SystemWeaver color scheme. Additional updates to follow in future releases.

User type attribute values get cleared upon new versionThis fixes a problem where values in Part attributes of type User were getting cleared upon taking out a new version.Bug fix16487
Views: Further implementation of new cancel concept

We continue to replace the green progress bar in the views, with a "Loading..." message and notification banner displaying server call count. The change is now implemented in additional views. The "Loading..." message, along with the notification banner, help to ensure users that their client is still working.

Improvement16411, 16545
Views: Introduction of Snapshot view

This release includes a first version of a new view called the Snapshot view.The view can be used to display a variety of information, such as Attributes, Description, Properties, and Traceability, Attachments, etc. for an item structure (based on a configuration) - all in one place. For more details, see the application Help.

Known limitation: Only jpg and png images are shown in the current version.

The view will be delivered as a standard extension with all named releases.