An existing attachment to an issue can be replaced with a new version, or can be removed entirely. This article describes how to upload a new version of an existing attachment file to an issue, and how to delete an attachment file. 


  • You must have "Write" access rights to the CMS project to add an attachment

Uploading a New Version

  1. In the issue editor, select the issue that has the attachment that you want to update. 
  2. Select the attachment in the Attachments section, and open it by double-clicking on it. (Alternatively, you can right-click on the file and select Download and Save attachment. )

  3. Open the file with the application of your choice. 
  4. Make your changes and save the updated file. Note the location of the file.
  5. In the issue editor, right-click on the attachment file and select Upload new revision.

  6. Navigate out to the new version of the file and in the Windows Open file dialog, select the file to attach and click Open.
  7. Enter an optional comment and click OK
  8. The updated file will be saved.

Note:  Although the functionality here is similar to that of attachments to items, it is simplified. There is no support for versioning (as issues are not versioned in SystemWeaver) or revision numbering.

Restricting Changes to Attachments

It is possible to restrict the adding, editing and deleting of attachments to an issue when it has a specific status, or for all statuses. For more information, see How to Make Issues Read-only for an explanation of how to configure the issue workflow to make attachments read-only.

Example Restriction

The attachment is read-only during all statuses of the workflow for everyone except the current user if they are the person the issue is assigned to. In other words, if the current user is equal to the Assigned to, the user can modify the attachment.

<Workflow initialStatus="New">
  <Status name="New">
      <NextStatus name="In Progress"/>
  <Status name="In Progress">
      <NextStatus name="Closed"/>
  <Status name="Closed">
      <Restriction field="Attachments" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>

Removing an Attachment

Attachments can be removed by right-clicking on the attachment and selecting Remove attachment

Enter an optional comment and click OK

What's Next? 

See Viewing the Change Log of an Issue Attachment.