When adding, modifying, and removing an attachment file to an issue, it is possible to add a comment to explain the event. 

You can choose to view a log of these comments not only for a single attachment to an issue, but also for all added, modified, and/or removed attachments to an issue. This article describes the log options for issue attachments.

Viewing the Change Log for a Single Attachment

To quickly view the change log for a single attachment, you can right-click on the attachment and select Show change log.

A read-only Log dialog will display.

The Log offers right-click menu options: 

  • Open revision: Opening the file (with the application registered for the file type)
  • Download and save revision: Downloading the file for local viewing and editing.

Viewing the Change Log for All Attachments

If you are interested in seeing all of the events that have happened for all of an issue's attachments, and their associated comments, click Show log.... The Attachment log dialog will display.

To view all of the events for one particular attachment, expand the log under the attachment as is shown above for the "Example document(2).rtf" attachment. The file was added, later changed, and then removed from the issue.

Opening and Downloading File Versions

Right-click on any Added or Changed event to access options to open or download the file version.

Added, Changed, and Removed Filtering

To the right of the Expand/Collapse button, a color indicator quickly tells the latest status of the attachment file.

  • Green if its most recent event was its addition
  • Yellow if its most recent event was a modification
  • Red if its most recent event its removal

Filter options at the top of the dialog let you filter to view only Added, Changed or Removed attachments. 

Printing the Attachment Log

To print the log, click Print. A Sand Box dialog will display the Report. 

Options are provided to Print or to Print Preview. It is also possible to make changes on-the-fly to the report on the Definition tab before printing.