All items and parts in SystemWeaver are assigned to a library as this is how access rights are maintained. Finding out which library an item belongs to can be done in a number of ways throughout the swExplorer application. This article describes a few of the most common. 

To get started, select the item you are interested in. 

Switch to Manage Libraries View

Load the Manage Libraries view. It will open in a new tab. The library for the selected item will be pre-selected for you. If no library is selected, then you do not have access to the library. 

Switch to Properties View

Load the Properties view. The Home library for the item will display. 

Tip: Use Shift+click to open a view as a secondary view which enables you to keep the first view open simultaneously.

Add Home Library to Structure Tree Grid

Add the Home Library information as a column in the structure tree grid. Every time you log in, the added column will be there for the selected item as long as the item remains open.

Add Home Library to Versions View

Add the Home Library information as a column on-the-fly. Right-click on the header row, select Export > Add field column. Enter HomeLibrary