If your organization is setting up a new an MS SQL or Oracle database for a SystemWeaver server to connect to, you will need to create the internal database that the SystemWeaver server uses. If you are using a SQLite database file, this step is not necessary.

  1. Open the swDatabaseManager.exe which you'll find in the Server directory. 
  2. Chose MS SQL Server or Oracle as the Type and enter the name of the server (See DSN in Installing a New SystemWeaver Server for format.)
  3. Then click Create empty v1.XX. For installations using the latest SystemWeaver version, select the highest database version #. If you are unsure which version to use, contact support@systemite.se

What's Next? 

You can now test connecting the SystemWeaver server to the database. See Testing a SystemWeaver Installation for instructions on how to use the swTestServer utility to run the server.