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This article describes new features, improvements and fixes included in this release of SystemWeaver. An upgrade from an earlier version requires that all client and the server applications be upgraded.


These release notes are also available in a Word document attached to this article. 

Note: Special attention should be given to the items highlighted in yellow as they will require additional planning/steps for your organization pre and/or post-upgrade if the view/tool affected is being used in your installation. 


NameDescriptionTypeUser GroupIssue ID
Projects: Support for read-only issues

It is now possible to configure restrictions in Project workflows resulting in all or specific elements, e.g., properties, attributes, relationships, etc.  of issues becoming read-only when set with a specific Status in the Workflow or for all Statuses. Restrictions are applied by project and effect all members of the project unless specifically configured otherwise.





      <Restriction field="*" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>

      <Restriction field="Attribute:ABAN" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>

      <Restriction field="Attachments" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>

      <Restriction field="Relationship:IR" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>

      <Restriction field="Notes" test="CurrentUser = AssignedTo"/>




Projects: Use of CurrentUser in Issue Views

It is now possible to use CurrentUser to filter Issue views where the current user is a value in a User type of attribute. Whereas (single) User and set of User were previously interpreted as strings, they are now correctly interpreted as users.




    <IssueIDColumn align="right"/>

    <NameColumn width="300"/>



     <Satisfies test="CurrentUser in @ATTR"/>



Server: Availability of statistics logThe Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.exe.nlog now offers a logging option for user operations and usage statistics. The log is JSON formatted and can easily be read, analyzed and visualized using an external tool of choice, such as ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana). Note that as with any logging, sufficient disk space must be available for storing the files. For more information, see Working with the Statistics Log.NewAdministrators, IT Administrators13555, 13576, 13552, 13581, 13588

API Users

NameDescriptionTypeUser GroupIssue ID
Introduction of REST API v1Systemite is proud to announce a first version of a RestAPI. This first version supports only read operations. For more information, see Introduction to the SystemWeaver REST API Server.NewAPI Users, IT Administrators13314


NameDescriptionTypeUser GroupIssue ID
swArchitect: Fix for data errorThis fixes an issue where a data error was thrown in the swArchitect after refactoring an attribute's data dimension when a default value was set.FixArchitects13244
swArchitect: GUI update for Float and Integer attributesThe Numeric range option for Float and Integer attribute types has been removed to avoid confusion as this option is not currently supported.FixArchitects13043
Description: Configurable page width indicator line

The line type, color and thickness of the optional Description Page Width indicator line is now configurable using the same EdgeStyle tag that is used in node graphs to configure edges. 



  <Editor name="Template1" width="667" default="true">

    <EdgeStyle thickness="10" color="Red" lineType="Solid"/>  


  <Editor name="Template2" width="687"/>

  <Overview width="667">

    <EdgeStyle thickness="10" color="Red" lineType="Solid"/>




If EdgeStyle is not configured, the default will apply (thickness "1", color "Gray", and style "Dash"). 

HARA: New Hazard identification extension viewsWith Release R32, a new version of the Hazard Identification (HARA) solution is introduced. For configuration help, see Configuring the HARA Views. Note: For organizations using an older version of Systemite's Hazard Identification extension view, this is a breaking change. ImprovementArchitects13065
Feature Modelling: New extension viewThe Feature Model Editor view is now a plugin and various improvements have been made, such as:
  • Expand and collapse of tree
  • Focus remains where you are working when creating features, etc. 
  • Ability to rename items directly in the view
  • Ability to delete items directly in the view

See Working with Feature Modelling.
ImprovementArchitects, Users10741, 13342, 13356, 13328
Ribbon: ItemView option to automatically reference latest version

For ribbon configuration of Item Views that include configItem, it is now possible to use the SID of the configured type along with a defined id instead of the specific xID of a config item version. In this way, button configurations do not need to be updated manually should a new version of a config item be made. When using the configured type SID and defined id, the button will automatically point to the latest version of the config item. Also, when using the Ref id instead of the xID, the configuration will not need to be updated should it be imported into another database.


A report is configured for items of type CNDE. The report has been given an id value of "ConsistRprt". The resulting Ref id is used in the button configuration. When a new version of the report is made, this Ref id value remains constant (unless the id is manually changed to another valid id value). 

<MergeButton caption="Safety report" image="55">  

   <ItemView name="Report" configItem="CNDE:ConsistRpt"/> 

  <ItemView name="Report" configItem="x3400000000001DE5"/>


Note: To utilize this new option for ItemViews, you must first load Item ribbon tab metadata in Configure the explorer. 

View Icons: Display icon in View drop-down list

For item views and extension views* that allow for multiple configurations, the configured image will now display in the View drop-down as well. 

* The extension must include proper image configuration.

XML Export: Export of enum value color and textWhen exporting a meta model that includes enumeration attribute values that have color and Description text, the colors and description texts will now be included in the export and can then be imported into another server.

XML Import: Improvements to meta model import

New features of the meta model import now means full support for incremental extensions of a SystemWeaver meta model, through XML import:

  • Update the list of default attributes for an existing item type
  • Update the formatted text descriptions of types (item/part/attributes)
  • Update the detailed information of attribute enumeration types (i.e., the colors and value descriptions)

In addition, the XML generation now supports generation of the format used for the path expression of Computed attributes (i.e. zipped and uuencoded CDATA) from Text format, using the new <AttributePathData> tag, meaning that complete SystemWeaver meta models can be generated by the SystemWeaver XML view, and with the improvements listed above, also imported as complete meta models, with no need for subsequent hands-on modifications.

ImprovementArchitects12808, 11873, 11872, 12797


NameDescriptionTypeUser GroupIssue ID
Description: Indicator line placement with changed scalingThis fixes an issue where the Description page width indicator line placement changed when display settings were changed. It will now remain in position between 17 and 18 on the ruler in the Description editor regardless of display scaling.FixUsers13556
HARA: New Hazard identification extension viewsWith Release R32, a new version of the Hazard Identification (HARA) solution is introduced. See Introduction to Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA).ImprovementUsers13065
Structure Tree: Scrolling problemThis fixes an issue where when scrolling in the tree where the Indicator column became hidden from view.FixUsers13617
Variability Matrix: Support for description

The Variability Matrix view now includes the Description field. Users can select a part in the view and read its Description while scrolling through the matrix.