This article describes how to assign an issue to a user or to a group of users. Issues in a project can be assigned to any members of that project, but typically to those with Write access who are working on the model items related to the issues assigned to them. 


  • You must have "Write" or "Change" access rights to the CMS project OR the Administrator role in the server.

To assign an issue to a user or group, you will need to set the Assigned To property. Click the Change button for Assigned To

The Select User or Group dialog will appear. It lists all active, individual members of the project in the Users section and all project groups in the Groups section. These are groups defined within the project and not item access groups.

Select the user or group you want to assign the issue to and click OK. You can only make one selection. In the below example, the issue has been assigned to the "Function owners" group. 

To view the members of the group, go to the Groups view.

What's Next? 

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