Although SystemWeaver is compatible with MS SQL, for top performance and lowest cost, we recommend SQLite:

  • No latency as the SQLite file is stored on the same machine as the SystemWeaver server
  • Fastest start-up time
  • No costs for additional hardware of a database server

If your organization is currently running an MS SQL database and wants to switch to SQLite, the swDatabaseManager application provides the tools needed for transferring the data. This article describes the steps for creating a new SQLite database and copying the data over from MS SQL.


  • Server and database compatible version of the swDatabaseManager tool
  • An empty SQLite database to copy to
  • Sole access to the SQLite database

Note: The swDatabaseManager application is not for general distribution and should only be used by an authorized system administrator.

Confirming Database Version

Before getting started, verify the version of the MS SQL database. You will need to know this for creating the new SQLite database file.

Creating an Empty SQLite Database

If you don't already have one, you'll need to create an empty SQLite database to copy the data to. The target database must be empty. 

Copying the Data

Now that you have an empty target SQLite database file, you are ready to copy the data from the MS SQL database over to the SQLite database.

  1. Navigate to the DataPump tab.
  2. In the From section: 
    • Select Type=MS SQL Server.
    • In Name, enter the host name and database name of the MS SQL database using the syntax host name|database name. Example: sys-lab-04|swdb. 
    • In the User and Password fields, you must enter the credentials of an account that has sufficient db permissions to the MS SQL database in order to copy the data. If the Windows domain account you are using has sufficient permissions to the MS SQL database, you can leave the fields blank.
  3. In the To section: 
    • Select Type=SQLite. 
    • In Name, enter the path and file name of the SQLite database that the data is being copied to.
  4. Click the appropriate Copy Database X.XX button.

The log window to the right will indicate when the copy is completed.

Note: The duration of time needed to copy will depend on the size of the database and the network latency between the SQLite file and the MS SQL server. To remove the latency factor, place the SQLite database file on the MS SQL server machine, and do the copying there. 

Once the copyover is completed, you are ready to start a SystemWeaver server against the new SQLite database file.