The following SystemWeaver executables are the most commonly used applications/application servers. The server applications are all available in a 64-bit version. Whether or not configuration file(s) are required and whether logging is available is indicated for each in the below tables. 

Client Applications

Used by Administrators to manage SystemWeaver user accounts, roles, licenses and security settings.Used by Architects to administer the installation's SystemWeaver meta models.The standard SystemWeaver client. The client can be configured to support a number of different development tasks and teams.Used by IT Administrators to perform upgrades of the SystemWeaver database schema when needed. Also provides other useful database tools, such as creating a file repository.
  • No configuration file needed
  • No configuration file needed
  • No configuration file needed
  • Logging is possible using a swExplorer.props
  • No configuration file needed

Server Applications

Server Architecture
A SystemWeaver Application Server manages all SystemWeaver data and offers connections from any SystemWeaver application through the SystemWeaver API (The swDBServer.exe runs as a background process in Windows, with interfaces to server configuration files, the database, a log file, and a status window. A SystemWeaver Server assures the integrity and security of the stored data, regardless of the operations performed by connected Clients.)

The SystemWeaver server consists of two executables - the swDBServer.exe contains the connection to the database, cached data and all API logic, and the Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.exe manages communication through TCP with all the clients and their connections.
Offers the same services as the swDBServer/swServer, and in addition, has a GUI that offers manual selection of configuration options, possibility to see all logged in users, and a log window corresponding to the optional log file.
  • swServer.ini
  • swServer.props for logging (optional, but recommended)
  • Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.exe.nlog (optional, but recommended)
  • DLQ Logging (no configuration file. Set in .ini)
  • swServer.ini
  • swServer.props for logging (optional)

Optional Server Applications



Mirror Server
A SystemWeaver client that sends email notifications upon updates to CMS Project issues.An application that supports multiple instances of SystemWeaver servers as a service on the same server computer.Our 2nd generation Slave Server. The server application is identical to the main server application. See Split Server Architecture above.
  • swNotificationServer.ini
  • swNotificationServer.props for logging (optional, but recommended)
  • swServerMonitorService.
  • swServerMonitorService.props for logging (optional, but recommended)
  • Same as main server application above

For a complete list of all SystemWeaver applications, refer to Overview of SystemWeaver Applications in the SystemWeaver