This article describes the basics of how to configure a main server for use with one or more mirror servers. The server installation for the mirror server looks the same as for the main server. The only difference is in the configuration in the swServer.ini, and that the main server installation is on a different server machine than the mirror server installation(s). 


Creating the Journal File

The mirror server is built on a journaling system which requires that you turn on journaling in the main server's configuration. So, if you are configuring a main server for mirroring for the first time, start by creating a journal file for the main server. The steps for doing this are described in How to Create a Journal File

Updating the Main Server Configuration File

Once the journal file is created, you will update the swServer.ini used by the main server as described below. 

  1. In the main server's installation, open the swServer.ini in a text editor. 
  2. In the MainServer section, uncomment the JournalFile= entry and enter the file path to and name of the .swjournal file. 
  3. Leave the MirrorServer section commented out. The mirror server configuration is activated in a separate configuration file on the mirror server(s).
  4. If not completed already, ensure that the rest of your main server configuration is defined as described in Installing a New SystemWeaver Server.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. A restart of the main server will be necessary for the change to be recognized by the server.


What's Next?

Configuration of the mirror server is not done in the swServer.ini in the main server installation. See How to Install and Configure a Mirror Server.