Sometimes an entire item structure can be created by mistake. This usually happens when a structure is created using some type of automation, e.g., an XML import or via API. One way to delete the structure is to remove the parts of the structure from the bottom-up and then use the option to delete the items permanently as described in Deleting From the Structure Tree View in Deleting Items and Parts. Another way is to multi-select the items, and use the Delete option on all the selected items.

In the case of an XML import, if you import to a specific import library created for the purpose, you can then, if needed, delete the entire item structure from the library in one single (multi-select) operation. If the import was done to one library and you then discover that you need to delete the structure, you can move it to its own library to complete the deletion. The steps to do this are outlined below.

 The use of this operation should be limited to experienced users. Always contact your system Architect if you are uncertain on how to perform a deletion.

  1. Create a new Library, naming it, for example, "temporary".
  2. Select all items in the item structure that you want to delete.
  3. Move selected items to the newly created library using Move items....

  4. Click on the upper part of the Open item button. 
  5. Choose Select library and open the newly created library.

  6. Uncheck Include only last version.

  7. Select all items and hit the Delete button on your keyboard.
  8. If there are any remaining items, they are included in previous versions of the structure or other structures. Move them back to the previous library using Move items....