Deleting From the Open Item Page

The Open Item page is one of the few places where you can actually permanently delete an item. 

  1. Click the Open Item button to search for the item(s) you want to delete.

  2. In the Items list, select the item(s) to delete and click Delect item(s) in the Action menu to the left. (Alternatively, you can select the item and hit Enter.)
  3. In the "Do you want to permanently delete these items?" confirmation dialog, click Delete Items. The item is permanently deleted. The delete method is performed in the SystemWeaver server, which resolves any internal references between the items to be deleted and performs the delete in an optimum order so that referential integrity is maintained.

Note: It will only be possible to delete the item if you have access rights to delete it, there are no references to the item, and there are no newer versions of the item. If these criteria are not met, you will receive the following dialog:

Deleting From A View

When deleting items from a view, such as the structure tree or the Graphs view, you are actually deleting the part first and then the item (if it is not used as a part anywhere else). 

  1. In the view, select the item(s) you want to delete. 
  2. Right-click and select Remove Part(s). (Alternatively, you can select the item(s) and hit Enter.)
  3. For a single item, a Confirm dialog will display. To confirm that you want to delete the part, click Yes.

    For multiple items, the Batch operation dialog will display. Click OK to remove the parts.

  4. If a single part was deleted, you will receive a second Confirm dialog regarding the fact that the item is not longer referenced.

    For multiple parts, the Delete Items dialog will display instead.

    This allows you to delete item(s) that are not used anywhere else after you have removed the part(s). The purpose of this is to avoid "orphan" items. Prior to deleting an item(s), you should make sure that you or someone else does not want the item(s) for other purposes. To confirm that you want to permanently delete the item(s), click Yes or Delete Items. If there are any issues linked to the item(s), you will get a "Cannot remove object" message. To investigate any references further, look in the References view and the Issues view.

    To exit without deleting the item, click No, the window Closebutton , or the Esc key.