Should unexpected version chains appear, for example, after importing data from another database, there is a tool in the Database Manager that can be used to restructure the chains.  

Note: The swDatabaseManager application is not for general distribution and should only be used by an authorized system administrator.


  • Server and database compatible version of swDatabaseManager.exe
  • The SystemWeaver server is stopped
  • Sole access to the database during update
  • If journaling is enabled on the main server, it must be deactivated. A new journal file and new cache file(s) will need to be generated after the script it run. 

We strongly recommend the restructuring is run on a comparable test server first to review the results and test out the functionality as well as to confirm how long the script will take to run. Once you have confirmed the results and are satisfied, we recommend you take a new copy of the production database prior to running the resequencing in production in the event that you need to roll back.

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Open the swDatabaseManager.
  3. Select the database type and file.
  4. In the Resequence library id field, enter the ID of the library (this can be copied from Manage libraries) where you want to restructure the version chains. This is required.

  5. Click Resequence version chains. The log window will indicate when the script is completed.

Once completed, the version chains will look reasonable again.