The swExport tool can be used to export SystemWeaver documents in PDF format. Using this tool, you can implement your own application that can utilize swExport for document export based on your organization's needs.


  • A document structure to export
  • An installation of SystemWeaver version R40 or later
  • An installation of swExport version R40 or later

To obtain the tool, contact your internal IT department or

Required Meta Model

Document export requires that the document (structure) to be exported follows the SystemWeaver Document meta model. See Basic Documents Meta Model in Document Management Model Configuration.

Example Data

Example Command Line

Using Username and Password

swExport ServerName=sys7 ServerPort=1345 ServerUserName=john.doe ServerPassword=password ItemID=x04000000000AC88A FileName="C:\temp\requirementsDocument.pdf" 

Using Network Authentication

swExport ServerName=sys7 ServerPort=1345 ItemID=x04000000000AC88A FileName="C:\temp\requirementsDocument.pdf" 

This command will log in the user account to the server, build and export the document, and then log out. 


Example Result