Any user in SystemWeaver can create a new project. The option is located under the File tab.

  1. Select New project
  2. Enter a Project Name. The name must not already exist.
  3. Select to Create a new setup for this project (which you will build as a next step) or select to Use existing setup from another project in the same database. There are two use cases for this second option:
    1. It is the ideal solution for multiple projects that share the exact same process and workflows. The projects will share the same setup. Any changes made to the setup via one project will apply to all projects sharing the setup.
    2. It is a means of using the existing setup initially when creating a new project, but then using the Create own copy of setup option to create a copy of the setup originally shared. Changes to either project's setup will no longer apply to the other project, i.e., they no longer share the same setup.

  4. Click OK to create the new project. The new project will open.

Note: There is no automated way to export a project setup. If you want the setup of a project in one database to mirror the setup of a project in another database, it will need to be set manually.

What's Next? 

If you created a new setup for the project using the Create a new setup for this project or Create own copy of setup options, you will now need to configure or finish configuring the various elements of the new project: 

If you created a new project using the Use existing setup from another project option (both projects will now share the same setup), assuming you will not be making any changes to the set-up, you will now just need to set the following for your new project: