When I try to add a license, I receive a "License with same id already added" message.


A license with the same License id already exists in the system. If replacing a license, remove the license with the same id first before adding the replacement. 

When I try to add a license, I receive a "Not valid" message, or the Status indicates "Invalid license".


The license you are trying to add is not valid for your SystemWeaver server. It is likely not valid for the current server (as in the above example where the server currently running is SYS102 and the license indicated as invalid is for SYS7). You can leave it and it will be ignored, or you can remove the license. Contact Systemite (support@systemite.se or your local reseller) if you have further questions.

When users try to log in, they get "The current SystemWeaver license has too many users."


The license that the user is assigned to has too many Activated users. To determine which license it is, either view the user's profile to see which license they are assigned to, or go to Licenses and look for the license with a Remaining licenses count in red. For that license, you will need to either deactivate accounts or assign some users to another license key that has available licenses to bring the number of Activated users down to a count that matches or is below the number of Total available licenses on the license key. 

In the above example, 6 Read/Write users will either need to be deactivated, or assigned to a different license as described above. 

If you wish to purchase additional licenses, contact order@systemite.se.

Note: On the Users screen, you will see three system accounts (root, admin, system) included in the list. These accounts are required and cannot be deactivated. They are not included in the License keys counts on the Licenses tab and should be disregarded when calculating license needs.

I am trying to upload a license and am getting "Invalid signature"


The license is not compatible with your SystemWeaver server. Contact support@systemite.se for assistance.

I have replaced an existing license key with a new one. The application shows no error, but users see a red "There are currently no SystemWeaver user licenses available. Please contact your SystemWeaver Administrator" message and are unable to edit. 

No error in swAdmin: 



This can occur in older versions of SystemWeaver. You may need to restart the SystemWeaver server. When users log in again, the red message should no longer appear. If you are running version R27 or later, it is sufficient to have users close the application to clear the message and then log in again.