Account administrators can manage user accounts in SystemWeaver using the swAdmin2 application. This article describes how to modify an existing user account. 


Note: The swAdmin2 client is the only means by which user account maintenance can be done.

Searching for and Viewing User Accounts

The Find text box enables you to search for a user. It will search against the Username, Network id, Name and E-mail fields. The Filter button (available next to each column header) allows you to filter by null values, non-null values or a specific value: 

Click on a column header to sort by that column. An arrow icon will indicate if the sort is ascending or descending:

Editing an Existing User Account

To select an existing user account, double-click anywhere on its row:

The Edit user form will display and you can modify the account information. 

The only restriction is that the Username must be unique. Usernames are case-sensitive. It is possible to change the case (lower/upper) of the letters after saving as long as the name is still unique in the database.

The Generate button can be used to obtain a random password, or you can enter one manually. See Creating User Accounts for more information. 

Click Save to save your changes. 

Some helpful links: 

Unlink a Network ID from a User Account

User accounts are to be assigned to single individuals, i.e., SystemWeaver user accounts should only be used by a single person and the password should only be known to him/her. This is to assure user accountability and to facilitate traceability when problems occur due to user operations. As such a user's organization's network ID is linked to their SystemWeaver account. To unlink a Network id from a SystemWeaver account, click Unlink