This article describes how to access node attributes through the SystemWeaver API. Prior to working with nodes in this way, we recommend that you are familiar with the concept of nodes in SystemWeaver

Example Meta model

            // Get the top of the Node tree, from a Test
            IswNode testTopNode = testItem.TopNode;
            // From the test, get the SubNode(s) for the Test Specification.
            foreach (IswNode testSpecNode in testTopNode.GetSubNodesOfSID("ISSP"))
                // From the Test Specification, the the SubNodes for the Test Cases.
                foreach (IswNode testCaseNode in testSpecNode.GetSubNodesOfSID("ITEC"))
                    // Get the Item name of the Test Case that that the Node belongs to.
                    string itemName = testCaseNode.Item.Name;
                    // Get the Attribute from the Node
                    IswAttribute attr = testCaseNode.Attribute("PTCS");

                    // If there is a value, get it
                    if (!attr.IsNil)
                        string nodeAttrValue = attr.ValueAsString;