This article describes the license types so that you can more easily determine licensing needs. These license types apply to all clients, i.e., our provided client applications, e.g., swExplorer, as well as all API applications/extensions, all of which utilize the SystemWeaver Client API to connect to the server. One license is needed per designated client. 

Read-Only vs Read/Write Licenses

There are two types of SystemWeaver licenses - Read/Write and Read. 

Read/Write License (Full)

  • Allows a user to Read/Write all items to which they have access rights (via Libraries)
  • Users with no role assigned and with a full license have Read/Write to all items to which they have access rights

Read License 

  • Allows a user to view all items to which they have access rights (via Libraries)
  • No edits are allowed in any way including the uploading of attachments
  • Read users receive the "Viewer" role

Managing License Needs

If you have both Read/Write AND Read licenses available, you can change a user from having Read/Write access to having Read access (and vice versa) if there is an available license of the type that you need. 

Example: A new user needs a Read/Write license, but there are none available

In the example, there are 5 Read/Write licenses and 5 Activated users so there are no remaining Read/Write licenses that can be used. If you need to purchase additional licenses, contact In the meantime as a workaround, since there is 1 Read license remaining, you can assign the Viewer role to an existing Read/Write user (who may not need Read/Write). That user will then be counted as a Read license. This will leave you with 4 activated Read/Write users and 1 remaining Read/Write license. You can then add the new Read/Write user.

Note: If you assign the Viewer role to a user and have 0 Read licenses available and 1 or more Read/Write licenses available, the user will use one of the Read/Write licenses even though they have the Viewer role.

User Account Administrators

The swAdmin2.exe client is used by Administrators to maintain user accounts.  User accounts are contained in the database and in order to maintain them, a user must have a Read/Write access to the database. There is no difference between licenses for Explorer Read/Write users and swAdmin2 Read/Write users.