The Attachments view allows information in the form of a file format to be "attached" to an item. When you select an item in the structure tree and select the Attachments view, the view will list all attachment files. In the example below, two files are attached to the "Requirements" item:

Each file will display:

  • The file format icon used in Windows (HTML files will display the icon for the standard web browser on your computer.)
  • Name (name of file)
  • Revision (last revision number of the file (see Editing and Versioning Attachments)
  • Creation Date (The date the attachment was created)
  • Created By (the user who created the attachment)
  • Size of the uncompressed file

Tip: There are also additional ways to see if an item has any attachments

If there are no file attached to the item, a "No files" message will display. 

Besides checking if an item has any attachments, the Attachments view is used to add and open attachments and edit and upload new versions of the attachment.