The Attachments view allows information in the form of a file format to be "attached" to an item. It can be accessed by selecting it from the View drop-down list. 

Getting Acquainted with the View

When you select an item in the structure tree and select the Attachments view, a list all attachment files will display. In the example below, two files are attached to the "Requirements" item:

The following information will display for each file:

  • The file format icon used in Windows (HTML files will display the icon for the standard web browser on your computer.)
  • Name: Name of attachment file
  • Revision: Last revision number of the file (see Editing and Versioning Attachments)
  • Creation Date: The date the attachment was created
  • Created By: The user who created the attachment
  • Size: The uncompressed file size

Tip: There are also additional ways to see if an item has any attachments

If there are no file attached to the item, a "No files" message will display. 

Besides checking if an item has any attachments, the Attachments view is used to: