An item's attachments can be viewed via the View drop-down list by selecting the Attachments view

Two additional ways to view whether or not an item has attachments are described below.

Structure Tree Grid

There is no predefined attribute that you can use to view attachment file names in the tree grid, however, you can use Path Language to display the information, as shown below.

  1. Right-click on anywhere on the tree grid header row. 
  2. Select Expert > Add field Column.


3. In the Add Field Column, enter:

Activate the path language.
Navigate from a node to its item (because the tree view contains SystemWeaver Node).
Transforms a list (item) into a new list(of attached files) by applying the given expression(Attachments) on each element in the first list.
Returns the attachments on an item or issue. Only the attachment objects are returned not the actual attachment data.
Convert a list of strings to a string with a given delimiter.



Grid View

Another way to view attachment file names is via the Grid view. 

  1. Select Grids in the View drop-down. 
  2. Add a TextColumn that shows attachment files.

        <ItemNameColumn width="200"/>     
        <TextColumn caption="Attachment Files" width="200">#{?Attachments.Join(',')}</TextColumn>   
    <ForEach select="/IDI">   



Similar to the Grid view, you can add attachments to a Report. For more information on this, search for "ForEachAttachment" in the Help.