This article describes new features, improvements and fixes included in this release of SystemWeaver. When upgrading, we recommend that all client and server applications be upgraded as some bug fixes and/or enhancements require this. 


These release notes are also available as a MS Word document, as well as a SystemWeaver XML file. Both are attached below. You can also print out this article as a PDF using the Print option.

Note: Special attention should be given to the items highlighted in yellow as they will require additional planning/steps for your organization pre and/or post-upgrade if the view/tool affected is being used in your installation.

API/Rest API/Extensions API Users

Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
API: Minor version update from 1.54.0 to 1.54.1The SystemWeaver API has been upgraded from version 1.54.0 to version 1.54.1. Although a minor version upgrade does not technically require that all users receive and utilize the new version of the client applications with the new server, we do recommend it, and it would be needed to obtain the client enhancements and bug fixes listed in the release notes. If you reference them with the specific version flag set to true for inhouse development, you must recompile.Improvement17688
EventSynchronization. Dispatcher is broken

In the .NET Framework Client API:

Login with option EventSynchronization.Dispatcher now works as intended.

There was an error in the event handling when you logged in with option EventSynchronization.Dispatcher. This has now been fixed.

Bug fix17579
ExtensionsAPI: Message when content not cleared

For extension views, the method: 


that you implement on the item view content is now called with item == null when the view goes out of scope. Ensure that you check for this and clear the control, removing all references to any SystemWeaver API interfaces. If this is not done, the following message will now display when a user moves away from the view, if the item view content is not cleared properly. This is a breaking change.


This does not apply to MultiInstanceItemView. 

RestApi: Support false values for boolean query conditionsThis fixes a problem when issuing a GET request with a query string containing a boolean condition which is set to false e.g., /restapi/items/?temtypeequals=3PTA&hasnextversion=false.  It returned all 3PTA items, disregarding if they have later versions or not.Bug fix17722


Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
Configurable grid: Refresh with optimized grid setting

When using a SystemWever Grid with <Grid Optimized="True">, the following will now be refreshed when the listed actions/edits are made. 

What is refreshed: 

  • All values in a column that has been edited.
  • Columns of type ItemAttributeColumn with datatype Computed.
  • Columns of type PartAttributeColumn with datatype Computed.
  • Columns of type NodeAttributeColumn with datatype Computed.
  • Columns of type AttributeColumn with datatype Computed.
  • Textcolumn

Upon these actions/edits:

  • Item attribute with popup editor.
  • Item attribute no popup 
  • Part attribute with popup editor.
  • Part attribute no popup 
  • Node attribute with popup editor.
  • Node attribute no popup 
  • Attribute with popup editor.
  • Attribute no popup 
  • Name column

Note: Edits in StringValueColumns will not result in refreshed values.

Configurable grid: Unable to use AttributeColumn for node attributesThis fixes an issue in Olskroken (R43) where the use of AttributeColumn for displaying node attributes in Grids/Tables no longer worked. In this release, one can again use AttributeColumn for displaying node attributes, although we recommend using NodeAttributeColumn for use with node attributes.Bug fix17877
Coverage (mapping item): Explicitly define faulty mapping

It is now possible to explicitly define what is to be considered a faulty mapping. This is suitable for cases when the mappings are steered from a parameter rather than from selection in the tree structure.

This is done by the use of a new tag in the configuration: <CompleteRightSide select="/ASID/BSID/CSID"/>

The <CompleteRightSide> provides the full scope of the right side to the view upon loading. So, if the right side has been filtered in some way, the complete scope given by the <CompleteRightSide> will be used when calculating for any Faulty Mappings, thus not listing any correct mappings as Faulty. 


     <CoverageMappingItemConfig id="12">


              <Caption>Requirement mapping</Caption>


              <Description>hint shown</Description>

              <Image guiImage="72"/>



              <Parameter name="p1" caption="Baseline">


                       <ForEach Select="/FUPA/REDC">






     <ComepleteRightSide select="/FUPA/REDC/IBRA/3SBH"/>

     <TopItem itemType="BIDM"/>


Coverage matrix: Various fixes

These fixes apply to the Coverage matrix view in the SWExtension.HazardIdentification dll. 

  • A "Common Language Runtime" error received when right-clicking in a cell to access the context menu has been fixed.
  • A fix was made to the quick access option. This option enables SystemWeaver Architects to emphasize a special mapping to be more quickly accessible, using notApplicable and quickAddMapping attributes.
Bug fix17743, 17748
Datatype Editor: Add hide/show button for graph

The Autosar Datatype Editor view now has a button for showing/hiding the graph: 

The default behavior is set in the configuration with a new <GraphVisible/> tag.

Enterprise Architect Import: Changes to SysML extension view

The SWExtension.SysML extension dll has been renamed to SWExtension.EAImport because the import is primarily developed and tested towards Enterprise Architect XMI format 2.1. 

In addition, this extension view is now a multi-instance view. 

The configuration now requires: 

  • <EAImportConfigurations> which should contain all of the <EAExportConfiguration> elements. 
  • Each <EAImportConfiguration> must have a unique id and <ViewSettings>. 

This is a breaking change. 

New and updated configuration elements are highlighted below: 


    <EAImportConfiguration id="1">


            <Caption>EAImport 1</Caption>


            <Description>EAImport extension.</Description>

            <Image guiImage="40"/>





    <EAImportConfiguration id="2">


            <Caption>EAImport 2</Caption>


            <Description>EAImport extension.</Description>

            <Image guiImage="-139"/>





Additionally, sequence diagram has received a few new attributes. Below is the list of all attributes for sequence diagram:







Feature Model Editor: Support for additional meta model

The Feature Model Editor extension view (SWExtension.FeatureModelling) has been updated to support an updated Feature Model meta model: 

It is still possible to create, add, and delete Structure, Feature Family, and Feature items from within the view: 

The Variant cardinality attribute refers to the relationship between Features in a Family. * equals an OR relationship whereas 1 equals an XOR relationship.

The Structure cardinality attribute refers to the cardinality of the Family within the specific Structure Item. 

New for the updated Feature Model meta model is the Structure Cardinality attribute for Structure Items:

The new configuration of the view is shown below: 


   <FeatureFamilyScope partTypes="10IVA;10IFP"/>

   <CanAddFamily itemTypes="10ST"/>

   <Version nr="2"/>


      <StructureCardinality sid="10SC"/>

      <VariantCardinality sid="10VC"/>

      <Cardinality sid="10CA"/>



<FeatureFamilyScope> refers to the scope of the Feature Families and is valid for the calculation of families out of scope. 

<Version> refers to what version of the meta model is being used. 1 is for the previous version and 2 is for the updated meta model pictured above.

Path Query: Support for project roles

The new CMS Project Roles are now available when using the Path Query Language. This is useful in project workflow configuration, e.g., when configuring AssignedTo, Restriction, etc.:

<Restriction field="RequestDueDate" test="CurrentUser.HasRole('PR1.APPR')"/>

A valid value consists of the role's SID (e.g., APPR) prefixed with the Project ID (e.g., PR1). The Project ID can be found on the General > Project page.

Note: Finding a project with given prefix is a server call. It is not recommended for use in config item view definitions, e.g., report, grid, graph, chart, xml. 

Product Builder: Updates to the view

The Product Builder view, used in the context of Variability, has been updated, and the new version is configurable.


  <ProductBuilderConfig id="1">  


      <Caption>Product Builder</Caption> 

      <RibbonGroup>Feature Model</RibbonGroup>

      <Image guiImage="21"/>


    <TopItemType itemType="10PP"/>

    <BaselineItemType itemType="3PTA"/>

    <FeatureModelPartType partType="10IFM"/>



The old version of the view has been marked with "(deprecated)", and will be removed from the client in a future release. Therefore, we recommend moving to the new view. 

The new version of this view is based on an updated Feature Model meta model (referred to as Version 2)

Refactorings: Change Data dimension of External referenceThis fixes an issue when refactoring an External Reference attribute type from Single to Array data dimension.Bug fix17809
Script Language: Introduction of isNull

The new isNull returns if the SystemWeaver object (items, nodes, parts, issues, attribute, etc.) exists or not.


Return type

  • true or false

Valid for object:

  • object



>returns true or false

Script Language: New manual execute optionBy default, Config Item views generate automatically when users load the view. Now, there is a configurable option to add a manual generation step to a configurable Grid, Graph, and Report views. This is useful if you would like users to make an active decision about executing a view, rather than having the view execution begin automatically.




When the <ManualExecute> option is configured, users will see a "Please click Refresh to execute view" message. Users can click Refresh to begin executing the view.

Select part type: Improved default sortThis default sort in the Select part type dialog is now by Name.



IT Administrators  

Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
DatabaseManager: Missing copy button for db version 1.45

A Copy Database 1.45 button used for copying databases with version 1.45 has been added to the DataPump tab in the swDatabaseManager tool. 

Bug fix17681
Mirror: Better message when mirror is asking for too old dataFor large installations using mirror server(s), and who use the MinJournalEntries= setting for journaling (which is recommended for servers with a high number of transactions), the number of transactions done prior to restarting the mirror server may have been very high, and could potentially exceed the MinJournalEntries= value. Given the above scenario, the mirror's cache file, upon start-up, may "ask" for transactions that are no longer in the main server's journal file due to being wiped out by the MinJournalEntries= setting. A message in the mirror server swServer log will now inform that "The requested transaction id is no longer available in the journal." Should it occur, the solution is to create a new cache file.Improvement17868
NotificationServer: Minor GUI update and new log config

The Test Notification Server GUI theme has been slightly modified. All functionality is the same as before. 

Additions and changes have been made to the files included in the Notification Server installation. Most importantly: The log configuration file, swNotificationServer.props, has been replaced by swNotificationServer.exe.nlog. You will need to replace the old file with the new one, and configure notification server logging using this new file. See solutions/articles/31000147274-configuring-the-systemweaver-notification-server.  This is a breaking change. 

Improvement17741, 17705


Name DescriptionTypeIssue ID 
Com matrix ImporterExporter: New extension view available

A new CommMatrixImporterExporter extension view for the swExplorer client is now available. It supports our updated network model and can be used for both DBC export and import. 



The view can replace the use of the Systemite.CommMatrixImporterExporter application and the SWExtension.ExportDBC extension view. 

Note: Support for signal groups is not yet available. 

Configurable graphs: Error in Sequence diagramsThis fixes an XML document error thrown when editing in a Sequence diagram.Bug fix17941
Description: Big images in Description

There is now support for adding larger images to the item Description. When a pasted image results in the total size of the Description exceeding the 131 kb size limit, the Move image to file repository  solution will enable you to save the image file to the server's file repository used for attachments. 

A preview of the original image will display in the Description, print previews and printed output. The preview size is small, and easily fits in the maximum size of the Description, which remains unchanged.

Viewing the original

There is a View image option in the client to open the original image for viewing.

Document Print Preview and Print

If the preview image has been resized manually, then it will appear this size in the Document. 

If the preview image has not been resized, it will try to resize it to the width of the page. 

As before, if an image does not fit within a page, you must resize it manually before printing. 

Report Print Preview and Print

The preview image will be displayed and included in the output.

XML Export/Import

There is an option to include the original images (in .png file format) in a data export. When applied, the images are exported in a zip file along with the XML file. To import, the zip file must be located next to the XML file in order to be included in the import. If not, the import will only include the preview images. 

swExport of Documents

For document export to PDF, the preview image is included in the PDF.


For data export using swXMLExport, there is a new parameter called IncludeBigImages=true/false to define if the full size image files are to be included in the export. Default is true.

Things to consider:

  • Server Administrators should ensure there is available storage for the File repository. Expect the size of the repository to increase; monitor the file repository size regularly.
  • Supported image file formats are png and bmp.
  • The maximum size for an image file to be saved to the file repository is 2 MB.
  • The built-in Image editor (Edit image...) cannot be used with images saved to the file repository. In other words, you cannot edit  these images. 
ExcelImport: Save config is not workingThis fixes a problem with not being able to save config files for the Excel imports using the SystemWeaver.ExcelImport application.Bug fix17745
FaultTreeGraph: Option to only display graphThis addresses cases where the calculation of the cut sets grid for a very large Fault Tree Graph can take a very long time, and possibly run out of memory. Users now have the option to only display the graph.

Bug fix17387
Instance Deployment: Various updatesThe updates to the InstanceDeployment extension view are: 
  • TcpUdp port config option is now allowed to be empty or non-existant, and both ports are visible by default.
  • Standing on InstanceDeploymentList no longer enables every config. Instead, only the config that has the correct item type is enabled.
  • Invalid port values in instance deployments are now cleared after sync.
  • Sync is now enabled to handle event group version mismatch, instead of just removing current mappings in that case. A new version is now taken.
  • A fix for automatically updating the instance event group has been made to handle the case when data is faulty.
bug fixes
17678, 17804
Occurrence Matrix: Hint for column headers

When a column header text has been truncated due to column width, one can now view the entire text in the Status bar by hovering over the header. 


Occurrence matrix: Problem with display of Status and VersionThis fixes an issue with the display of Version and Status values in the view. Bug fix17872
Pages: Close tabs to the right

A new option enables users to close all tabs to the right of the selected tab. 

Part references: Ctrl+Click on part references doesn't workThis fixes an issue in Olskroken (R43) where Ctrl+Click on a part reference in an item description did not work to redirect to the part.Bug fix17953
PortAdaptorMapping View: Various updates

The PortAdaptorMapping extension view, used when having both Adaptive and Classic Autosar, has been updated. The key updates are: 

  • Indication of mapping. When selecting a Primitive or record data type the already mapped data types will be indicated in a better way on the other side.
  • Batch mapping. It is now possible to map a Structure data type towards a record data type. The mapping will be done in part number order
  • Improved removal and mapping logic.

Print to PDF: Option to include bookmarks

There is now an option to include bookmarks in PDF output when printing Documents and Reports. (A bookmark is a type of link with representative text in the Bookmarks panel of your PDF reader.)

Bookmarks are added as a final step in the output generation process. Your PDF with bookmarks is ready when the "Printing to PDF done!" message displays in the Status bar to the far left:

Example PDF with bookmarks opened in Adobe Reader: 



  • The existing Document and Report Print and Print preview options work as before. No bookmarks are generated with these two options. 
  • You must have Microsoft Print to PDF printer enabled in Windows. 
  • To include bookmarks in the PDF, you must use Print PDF with bookmarks
  • Support for Chinese section titles is limited.
Projects: Display of role SIDThe SIDs of project roles are now displayed as a reference during workflow configuration.

Projects: Email notification to added status change assignees

Each Assignee added to a Request for status change will now receive an email notification informing that they have been assigned to review (approve or reject) the request. 

Projects: Further automation of status change requests

A new <AutoRequest> tag can be used to transition issues automatically to the next Request in the workflow, when the current Request is completed either manually or using auto-completion. 

<AutoRequest> is added to the "source" status, and requires the existance of <Request> in the next status. It has two attributes. 

  • The status attribute is required, and defines which status the issue will be set to if the condition is met. The status does not need to be the "target" status; it can be set to any valid status in the workflow. 
  • The test attribute is optional, and defines a SystemWeaver Path expression that must evaluate to true. 

In the below example, an issue will auto-transition, once it is completed, from the Request to change status to "In progress",  to the Request to change status to "Test". 

<Workflow initialStatus="New">

 <Status name="New">


   <NextStatus name="In progress"/>



 <Status name="In progress">


   <Users select="@DEVE"/>

   <Complete status="In progress" test="ActiveRequest.RequestAcks[AckStatus.ToString 

='Approved'].Count > 0"/>

  <Complete status="Blocked" test="ActiveRequest.RequestAcks[AckStatus.

ToString = 'Rejected'].Count > 0"/>



   <NextStatus name="Ready for test"/>


  <AutoRequest status="Ready for test" test="true"/>


 <Status name="Ready for test">


   <Users select="@TEST"/>



   <NextStatus name="Done"/>



 <Status name="Blocked">


   <NextStatus name="In progress"/>



 <Status name="Done">



Projects: Improved transition status

The "transition status" of an issue that has a currently active Request for status change will now only display the current status, i.e., the "source" status, in gray font. The status to which the issue will transition is no longer included in this status, as there may be multiple "target" statuses that are valid.

Note: Email notifications and Notes will still display both the source and expected target status. 

Projects: Improved validation in workflow configurationAdditional validation has been added to the Workflow XML editor to assist with configuration.
Projects: Redirect option on My requests dashboard

There is now an Open issue option so you can redirect from the My Requests dashboard to the full display of the issue.

Projects: Restrictions on status change approval/rejection

By default, assignees reviewing a Request for status change have options to Approve or Reject either with or without including a comment. 

Now, it is possible to restrict these options using Restrictions. 

<Restriction field="Approve" test="false"/>

<Restriction field="Reject" test="false"/>

<Restriction field="ApproveWithComment" test="false"/>

<Restriction field="RejectWithComment" test="false"/>

If test is set to "false", the assignees will not have the option that is given as the field.  

The restrictions are placed in the "source" status, applying to the request to transition to the "target" status. 

The buttons will reflect the available options to the assignees. In this UI example, it is optional to include comments when you approve, but required to include comments when you reject a request: 

Given the below configuration, assignees cannot reject without providing a comment for a request to change status from "In progress" to "Ready for test", and must include a comment when approving and rejecting a request to change status from "Ready for test" to "Done".


   <Status name="In progress">


         <NextStatus name="Ready for test"/>





         <Restriction field="Reject" test="false"/>



   <Status name="Ready for test">


         <NextStatus name="Done"/>





         <Restriction field="Approve" test="false"/>

         <Restriction field="Reject" test="false"/>



   <Status name="Done">


         <NextStatus name="In progress"/>






Projects Workflow: Context visualizer not workingThis fixes an issue with the Context visualizer not working to visualize a Workflow in a Project. The visualizer is now available again.

Bug fix17202
References: Open item when item already open

If a reference's owning item is already open on another Page, double-clicking on a reference or using the right-click option Open owning item in a new tab will now redirect to the already open tab. It will no longer open a new tab if it is already open. 

We have also added a Copy option to the right-click menu.

Relationships: Any issue type missingThis fixes an issue in Olskroken (R43) where the option to select Any issue type was missing from the Select issue type dialog when creating an issue type Relationship in a Project.Bug fix17915
ReviewSupport: Follow workflow logic

This extension view now follows the project workflow logic, e.g., Preconditions, NextStatus, Restrictions, AssignedTo.  Note: The view must be refreshed to update. 

Tip: Check out the built-in Request for status change feature as an alternative, or compliment, to the ReviewSupport extension views.

Server: Exception: Hexadecimal format for ids in errors

When the server fails to find an object, the error message seen in the client and in the server log file will now use the hexadecimal format instead of the decimal format for ids, to make it easier to understand.

Instead of:  Object with id '3602879701897209360' not found.

It should be: Object with id 'x0D00000036028797' not found. 

One example is if an item has been removed from the server, but is still part of a ribbon configuration.

Status View: Unable to lock it in Secondary ViewThis fixes an error when trying to lock the Status view in the Secondary item view position.Bug fix12196
Structure tree: Display of cached item counts

The swExplorer now makes you aware of how many items you currently have cached from the server. This information can help users to understand potential slowness problems.

The counts are displayed on the Status bar at the bottom of the client.  

The middle display for regular hints will now also show the # of items in the currently selected tree and the # of rows in the tree. A higher # of rows simply means that items are being reused in the structure tree. In the below example, there are 1237 items in the tree and 5397 rows. 

The count to the left of the Ping indicator is an estimated sum of the # of items in active Pages

Below, the user has activated/viewed 3 pages in the client for a total of 4203 cached items from the server. The client will work to keep these items up-to-date during your session. Closing a viewed tab will decrease this number. 

Structure tree: Tree settings for part

A new Tree settings option enables a user to select one of the predefined tree settings that is configured for a selected part's item type in a structure tree. This is useful when you want to view the parts under the selected item type which are not displayed as part of the top-item's applied tree setting. 

When you select a tree setting for a part, the top-item's currently active tree setting gets the "(modified)" suffix to indicate that you have made a change to the currently active tree setting for the structure. 

To remove or change any applied part type tree setting, you simply use the existing Select part types dialog or View menu.

If the selected item already displays parts and you apply a predefined tree setting, note that the part types included in the setting are added to the already visible part types; the setting does not replace them.

Note: There is no support for switching between part tree settings.

At any time, to return to the top-item's predefined tree setting, select it again. 

The new Tree settings option is also available in the Dual view. 

Important things to consider:

Making all parts visible in a structure tree, especially in a large model, can affect performance. 

Validity Check: Fix for lock invalid typecast errorThis fixes an "invalid typecast" error that appeared when locking a graph in primary view and selecting to include sub-items in Validity check feature.Bug fix16160
Versions: Change to version order displayThe sorting of the versions in the view is now sorted first by Status (all Released versions listed first), then by StatusLastChanged date.
Tip: StatusLastChanged can be added on-the-fly via the right-click Expert>Add field column option.

Workflow: Double-clicked item replaces current top item

This fixes an issue where double-clicking on an item in the Workflow feature resulted in it opening in the same tab, replacing the existing top item. Instead, it now redirects to the double-clicked item in the current tree structure. 

Bug fix17742