Information is obtained from SystemWeaver using the SystemWeaver REST API.

If SystemWeaver items are linked to a Jira issue, information about the item(s) will then be displayed in the issue in Jira.


See Configuring the SystemWeaver REST API Server for configuration of the REST API, and Configuring and Installing the SystemWeaver Monitor Service for running the REST API as a Microsoft Service.

Ideally, the SystemWeaver REST API should be installed on the same server machine as the SystemWeaver server application that it is accessing.  Below is an example of a SystemWeaver Monitor Service running both the SystemWeaver Server application and the SystemWeaver REST API: 

<SystemWeaverMonitor wcfServicePort="9090">


  <Server restart="true" id="main SysW server"> 

  <Server restart="true" startDelay="10000" id="SysW Rest API">