The SystemWeaver REST API Server* allows users to connect to a SystemWeaver server or mirror server through an HTTP interface, enabling better support for integration with tools and applications on non-Windows platforms. 

It is installed as an independent executable, connecting to the server Systemite.SystemWeaver.TcpSubServer.exe in a similar way as a standard client, as shown in the picture below.  The SystemWeaver REST API Server is not required to be installed on the same machine as the SystemWeaver server or mirror server that it is connected to, but for performance reasons it is highly recommended, given that the amount of available RAM is sufficient.

It is possible to allow both standard SystemWeaver Clients and REST Clients to connect to the same SystemWeaver server or mirror server. However, for a production environment it is recommended to have one or more mirror servers dedicated for REST API communication, as shown below. This will minimize performance impact on SystemWeaver Client users. Apart from this, the SystemWeaver REST API server follows the same scaling principles as a mirror server.

What's Next?

See Installing the SystemWeaver REST API Server.

* Available for SystemWeaver versions R32 or later.