The swDatabaseManager tool includes an option called Vacuum SQLite database which will minimize the SQLite database file. The benefit of this is that the sheer size of backup copies will become reduced and it will also improve performance to some degree. (This also prevents the file from growing beyond the 2 GB limitation of 32 bit versions of Windows (see Storage and Memory in the Help for more information).


  • Server and database compatible version of swDatabaseManager
  • The SystemWeaver server is stopped
  • Sole access to the database during the operation

  1. Select the database Type and Select database.
  2. Click the Display Info button to confirm that tool version is compatible with the database version. 
  3. When you are ready to start the vacuuming process, click the Vacuum SQLite database button.


Approximate run time for 35 GB database: 35 min.

The log window will display when the operation is completed. 

You can compare the size of the original database with the compacted version to see the effect of the vacuuming.