If any item types or part types have been deprecated in the meta model, you can still view these is various places. 

In the swExplorer

Existing items of types that have been deprecated can still be searched for in the swExplorer and deprecated items and parts are visible.

Complete Part Types View

For a selected item structure, the Complete Part Types view shows all part types (both visible and not visible in the structure's tree setting), and indicates which part types and item types are deprecated. 

Meta Model Graphs View

For a selected item, the Meta Model Graphs view shows the meta model, and displays deprecated item types and part types in red.

Parts View

In the context of a selected item, the Parts view can tell you if a part type is deprecated.

XML Export

When exporting models from SystemWeaver, any types in the planned export that are deprecated will be listed as an error in the bottom pane. This is so that you can analyze and address them as needed prior to export.


Structure Tree

To add an additional column to the structure tree grid, right-click on the header row and select Expert>Add field column.

Enter Item.Type.Deprecated.

In the swArchitect

Since the swArchitect is used to deprecate types, you can, of course, view that information for a selected type. 

Statistics Report

This database report indicates which item types and part types are deprecated. 

Metamodel Cutter

When you are setting up an export of a subset of a meta model, you will be able to see if an item or part type is deprecated as it will be highlighted in red.