I am getting an Out of Memory error.

Error message

EOutOfMemory. Out of memory.



The operation (possibly together with other factors) is likely exceeding the memory of the 32-bit client (SystemWeaver Client - System Requirements). You can confirm this by trying again and, using the Task Manager, watch the swExplorer.exe there. It will stop processing when the memory usage reaches approximately 3.5GB. 

Once you get an Out of Memory error, close the program entirely to clear it. You cannot continue to work after exceeding the memory. 

Things To Help Avoid Exceeding the Memory

  • Is there a very large structure, e.g., 10s or 100s of thousands of items? Is it possible to try to open a smaller structure and then perform the operation?
  • Are Description references turned on in the structure tree? If so, turn them off. Example:
  • Do you have any other tabs open, specifically ones with very large structures loaded? Try closing them.
  • Are there many other applications running simultaneously on the laptop? 
  • Is this in Citrix? If so, have your IT department ensure that there is at least 4 GB RAM for each use of the client.

I cannot log in.

Error message 

Unable to load lz4 library.


You are likely missing files in your client installation, e.g. liblz4.dll. Contact your internal IT support for the missing file(s).  

I cannot work in swExplorer.

Error message 

Your client is irreversibly out of sync with server. Please restart client. (3469869,3937104)


The client application has gotten too far behind in receiving events from the server. Close the client application and log in again.