This article provides some resolutions to application errors.

I am getting an Out of Memory error.

Error message

EOutOfMemory. Out of memory.



Most user operations in SystemWeaver never come close to using the maximum 4 GB memory usage of a 32-bit client. If you receive the error, the operation (possibly together with other factors) is likely exceeding the memory of the 32-bit client (SystemWeaver Client - System Requirements). You can confirm this by trying again and, using the Task Manager, watch the swExplorer.exe there. It will stop processing when the memory usage reaches approximately 3.5 GB. 

Once you get an "Out of Memory" type error, close the program entirely to clear it. You cannot continue to work after exceeding the memory. If you attempt to continue working, you will get additional error messages.

Things To Help Avoid Exceeding the Memory:

We advise that you try the following solutions.

  • If trying to open a large item structure tree, 
    • Does the structure display 10s or 100s of thousands of items? If possible, open a smaller context of the tree, and then perform your work
    • Are Description references turned on in the structure tree? If so, turn them off. Example:
  • Do you have any other tabs open, specifically ones with very large structures loaded? Try closing them.
  • Are there many other applications running simultaneously on the laptop? Try closing them.
  • Are you working in Citrix? If so, have your IT department ensure that there is at least 4 GB RAM for each use of the client.
  • If the out of memory occurs when trying to Add a part in a structure, try copying the part you want to add from another structure where it is in use, and using Paste as... to add it to your structure. 

I cannot log in.

A number of error messages can potentially appear. 

Error message 

Unable to load lz4 library.


You are likely missing files in your client installation, e.g. liblz4.dll. Contact your internal IT support for the missing file(s).  

Error message

Exception class: EIdSocketError

Exception message: Unable to connect to server, name:"name of server", port:"xxxx"

Error: Socket Error # 11001

Host not found.

Exception address: 021FA1D4


Contact your local IT department for troubleshooting. "Host not found" is a client DNS/VPN issue, often caused by an unstable internet connection.

I cannot work in swExplorer.

Error message 

Your client is irreversibly out of sync with server. Please restart client. (3469869,3937104)


The client application has gotten too far behind in receiving events from the server. Close the client application and log in again.

I receive an error when trying to clone a structure.

Error message 

Your database installation no longer supports this action. TswIItem.AddPart: Invalid def obj: XXXX expected: XXXX.


The error is likely caused by a configuration or meta model issue. A SW Architect should investigate the invalid meta model element indicated in the error message.

I receive an error when trying to export to Excel.

Error message 

The maximum length of cell contents (text) is 32,767 characters.


This error message has to do with Excel limitations. There's a hard limit in both the . xls and . xlsx file formats of 32,767 characters in a cell. I Contact a SystemWeaver architect to discuss how to resolve the data problem. 

I receive an error when trying to save a manual layout of a graph.

Error message 

Exception message: Unknown note type: NGML.


This error indicates that a type with SID NGML is not found in the database. This note type is needed for manual layout to work. To resolve the error, a SystemWeaver Architect should ensure that the metadata for Configurable graph is installed.

I am getting "Access Denied" when I try to complete an operation.

Error message 


Access Denied:

on part: Front Seat Heating(x150000000C0AF301) of type Realizes Generic Function in item: S-46-01 Front Seat Heating(x040000000C0AF2FE) of type Sub Function.


The message "Access denied" means that the operation you tried to do was not accepted by the SystemWeaver server, due to some access constraint. The situation usually happens in an operation where the application cannot figure out exactly what was wrong with the requested operation. To solve this problem, investigate your access right to the involved item(s), for example in the Overview view. Make sure that the Access status is Read/Write and that the item is not Frozen or Released.

If the item is in Work status, it might be the case that you do not have write rights to the item, according to the Library used for managing access rights of the item.