Some views and meta model structures in SystemWeaver are managed as SystemWeaver Features. When a feature is installed, the related meta model constructs will be created automatically by the client and all users will have the ability to use the corresponding views in the SystemWeaver client. SystemWeaver Config Item meta data is installed as a Feature.

In the same way that there is a meta model that dictates the types of items and parts (and their relationships) in a SystemWeaver server, there are also meta data types for Config Items. Config items are used for saving definitions of charts, graphs, grids, reports, XML definitions, etc. Config Item types are standardized in SystemWeaver and they should not be changed. They can be "installed" in a database without having to receive an export file in order to import them. This article describes how to do this. This would typically be done when a new server is being implemented, however, SystemWeaver's Config Item meta data can be installed at any time, as needed. 

Below is a list of the Config Items with their unique SID and the XML type attribute in which the view definition is stored. 

NameDescriptionConfig Item SIDXML Attribute SID Containing Definition 
Configurable XML generatorsXML config items defined using the XMLs view. The definition is stored in an XML type.XXMLXMXM
Configurable add partXML config items for Add Part grids used in the Open item dialog to provide recommendations to users when adding parts in the current context.XAPGGRXM
Configurable chartsXML config items for configurable charts defined using the Charts view.XCHTCHXM
Configurable graphXML config items for configurable graphs defined using the Graphs view.XGRPGHXM
Configurable gridsXML config items for configurable grids defined using the Grids view.XGRDGRXM
Configurable reportsXML config items for configurable reports defined using the Reports view.JIRTATRX
Description templatesXML config items for configured description templates.JDRTDRTR
Occurrence matrixXML config items for occurrence matrix views.XOCMAOMD


  • Assignment of the SW Architect role in the database
  • An installation of the SystemWeaver Explorer client (swExplorer)

Installing a Feature

  1. Navigate to File > Configure the explorer
  2. Select the Features tab. 
  3. Select the config meta data type that you want to install (see list above). 
  4. Click Create metadata. The metadata is now installed and items of the installed Config Item type can now be created in the server.

Items of the installed type can now be created and saved by Architects. 

Uninstalling a Feature

The only way to uninstall Config Item meta data is to remove the specific meta model construct (item and attribute) using the swArchitect client.