The article provides an example of how you can include Test Sequence (Test Script) results in a grid together with the Test Cases. In other words, it enables you to include the test results on a sequence level whereas the built-in Result grid test view presents the results on the test case level. Please note that the provided example is build based on a specific metamodel which means you will need to adjust to fit your metamodel. 

Required Meta Model

The configuration example requires the use of SystemWeaver's Test meta model

Example Data 

Example Configuration

The configuration is done for an item of type Test (JSES).

        <TextColumn caption="#" width="25" objectName="TestCase" cellMerge="true">#{Part.PartNo}</TextColumn>
        <ItemNameColumn caption="Test Case Name" icon="true" width="200" objectName="TestCase" cellMerge="true"/>
        <ItemVersionColumn caption="TC Version" width="25" objectName="TestCase" cellMerge="true"/>
        <NodeAttributeColumn caption="TC Status" readOnly="False" width="75" type="PTCS" objectName="TestCase" cellMerge="true"/>
        <ItemNameColumn caption="Test Script Name" icon="true" width="200" objectName="TestScript"/>
        <ItemVersionColumn caption="Version" width="25" objectName="TestScript"/>
        <NodeAttributeColumn caption="Test Script Status" readOnly="False" width="75" type="PTSS" objectName="TestScript"/>    

    <Context name="TestContext">
        <AddParts owner="main" sid="ISSP" part="TestToTestSpec" defobj="TestSpec" nodes="true"/>
        <AddParts owner="TestSpec" sid="ITEC" part="SpecToTestCase" defobj="TestCase" nodes="true"/>
        <AddParts owner="TestCase" sid="ITCB" part="TestCaseToTestScript" defobj="TestScript" nodes="true"/>

    <ForEachInContext name="TestContext" group="main">
            <ContextGoForward part="TestToTestSpec">
                <ContextGoForward part="SpecToTestCase">
                    <RowObject name="TestCase">
                        <ContextGoForward part="TestCaseToTestScript">
                            <RowObject name="TestScript">

Example Result