If you want to print out a single issue instead of an issue report containing multiple issues, you can do this via the Issue editor. The print tool offers a default print format, but also enables you to modify the format and content for your current use. This article describes how to print a single issue from the Issue editor.


  • You must have a minimum of "Read" access rights to the CMS project

To print a single issue, select the issue in an issue view so that it opens in the Issue Editor. This can also be done via the Issues view.

Next, click on Print issue or Print issue with notes located at the top left of the Issue editor. The later option will include the Notes in the issue. 


The Sand box dialog will display the Report which is based on the configuration found on the Definition tab.

Print Issue

Print Issue with Notes

If you wish to modify the content or style of the report, click on Definition and modify the default configuration to fit your current use. A complete list of report-specific XML tags can be found in the Basic SystemWeaver Script Language section in the Help.

To preview the report, click the Report button again. 

Click Print... or Print Preview... to print and preview the report, or Close to leave the Sand box.

Note: It is not possible to save any changes that you make to the default report configuration.